Meir Ezra: How to set great goals

Meir Ezra - How to Set Great Goals

“No man is happy without a goal, and no man can be happy without faith in his own ability to reach that goal.”

Personal and Family Goal Examples: Reduce stress, feel more confident, find more joy in life. Reduce or eliminate fears. Stop letting others control me negatively. Change bad habits to good habits. Resolve a long-term dispute. Health goals: diet, weight, alcohol, drugs, smoking. Live to at least ____ years old. Develop personal skills such as a better sense of humor, more courage, etc. Create a loving, supportive, happy marriage. Improve relations with family members. Raise valuable, productive, happy children. Spend more time with your family. Teach children to succeed.

Job and Career Goal Examples: Increase your personal productivity or pay to a certain level. Learn new job skills. Education goals. Get a promotion. Change to a better occupation. Start a second career. Start a business.

Financial Goal Examples: Get out of debt. Increase income to $_____. Save $_______. Semi-retire or retire at age ________. Pay for your children’s education. Make certain investments. Buy a business. Buy a big, beautiful house. Buy a vacation home, boat, plane, new car, horses, swimming pool, etc. Travel goals.

Business Goal Examples: Improve service or product quality to a certain level. Reach a new level of production. Increase profit. Find outstanding staff. Create a tight, efficient team. Dramatically increase the size of your business. Open branch offices. Buy/merge with another business. Sell part or all of the business/practice.

Social Goal Examples: Help people. Invent, discover or develop something significant. Change the way people think about something. Education goals. Charity goals. Religious goals. Community or society goals. Environmental goals. Political goals. National or international goals.


Meir Ezra: Organizational Spine

Organizational Spine - Meir Ezra

An organization, much like a person, has its own spine. It is a set of ten “vertebrae” that must be defined AND aligned. Each of the ten must agree with all the other nine.

When one or more items on this spine are not aligned, you have problems. The result is inactivity, internal noise, no production, lack of team spirit and failure.

The basic problem in any organization is the misalignment of those items.

The subject of getting those items aligned and gotten into action is called management.

You cannot effectively manage without defining those items and getting them aligned.

Learn how to get those items aligned and you can get production and results occurring.

In this seminar you will learn:

• How to create the spine for your company and your life!

• How to remove all counter intentions and negative energy from your path to success.

• What is policy and why policy is so important.

• How to find your and your company’s goals.

• How to find your and your company’s purposes (yes, it is not the same as the goal).

• How to plan.

• What to plan.

• What you need to know FIRST, BEFORE you can plan.

• And much more…

The spine is a very powerful management TOOL that once you will learn, you will know you won and will have unshakable certainty on how to get others to win with you.

Meir Ezra: PR, marketing and sales

Meir Ezra - PR, marketing and sales

After asking this very simple question to thousands of people, I KNOW that if you look at this question for real you will have to admit you are not sure.

The field of PR, Marketing and Sales has so many “experts” – yet most companies seem to have that as their major problem.

Nonetheless, it is clear that all too often something is not known in these fields. We remedy that.

This seminar will teach you:

• How to create a product that your clients will pay any amount of money to have.

• How to communicate your ideas effectively.

• How to create an endless pull from your clients with no effort.

• Why promotion fails.

• How much money you should spend on marketing.

• How to promote when you have no money.

• Why companies like Apple & Coke are so successful.

• How you can know in advance whether or not your marketing campaign will work.

• And countless other practical tools…

This seminar will change your concept of PR and Marketing forever. You will have a totally new viewpoint on the subject – but more importantly, you will know you can get results from marketing and you will not spend your money on useless marketing companies or marketing campaigns.

In fact, just the amount of marketing money this seminar saves you will pay for itself countless times over.

A major component of the seminar is the “Surveys” section. You will learn that most marketing problems stem from failure to CORRECTLY execute and evaluate surveys. It is not that people do not do surveys – they do – but they do not know HOW to do it correctly.

Ever filled out a survey for a place you go to often only to find, some time later, that there has been zero improvement in the area despite the many times you answered their survey? They simply don’t know how to survey – guaranteed.

If you want to succeed, you need to be able to create PR and Marketing – that is a fact.

If you want to know how to create PR and Marketing campaigns, or even get someone else to create them for you, you need to have this knowledge or you will waste time and money – and that is a fact.

Meir Ezra: The strategist seminar

Meir Ezra - The strategist

The obvious question is – how can one do something he has no definition for? It is like me asking you to do “jigago” planning. Can you do it? Of course not. The same applies to strategic planning.

So everyone thinks they know what is strategic planning, yet, in reality, they don’t.

They mix strategy with tactical, operational, projects, targets and other things. It is all a big mishmash for them… BUT they have total certainty that strategic planning is vitally important.

Well, how do you become the ultimate strategist?

The first step would be to understand what is strategic planning, and this is exactly what we will learn in this course.

The strategist seminar will teach you:

• What is a strategy.

• What is a strategic planning.

• How to create a strategy that will ensure your success – always.

• Who should write a strategy.

• How you ensure the strategy gets implemented.

• What you need to know to become a strategist.

• How you debug a strategy.


• What losing armies do not know about strategies.

• And much more…

This seminar will make you a master strategist and, more importantly, you will become known as the person that gets things done.

What if you could get things accomplished on time, on budget and with no effort? The strategist seminar will teach you the tools you need in order to achieve this and much more.

Meir Ezra: Management by Facts

Meir Ezra Management by Facts

Basically, with these formulas under your belt, you are able to improve any of life’s conditions and any place your business is at – whether it’s struggling at the bottom or soaring at the top. These formulas make you the cause of your life – and would need to be a genius to fail!

The nice thing is that once you know these formulas and how to apply them, you will be able to teach these formulas to anyone – all your staff, your kids and even your spouse…

MBF will teach you:
• What you have to measure in order to succeed.

• What are the minimum number of statistics you must monitor in your organization.

• What you do once you look at those statistics… You don’t just stare at them after all.

• What these powerful formulas are and how they work.

• How to prove these formulas are correct.

• If there any special situations or exceptions that are not covered in these formulas.

• What happens if one does not apply these formulas…

• Why you absolutely can not lead without statistics.

• Why the more you do, the less likely you are to succeed.

• And many other vital concepts and techniques…

Meir Ezra: Why Businesses Fail

Meir Ezra - Why Businesses Fail

They look at the statistics and they see that there is some action that they’re doing that actually improved the situation. So if the situation improved and they did some kind of action, they look and they say, “Oh! Huh! It works!”

So they just do more of that – it is the successful action.
Well, here’s the bad news… if you do the same thing, you will fail – and I’ll explain why. This is very amazing.

A statistic can behave only in six ways.

I will not go into explaining right now what are those ways, but let’s say that the statistic goes down. Let’s say, we are looking at my sales, and I see less and less and less and less. They go down, and I look, and I know that I need to do certain actions.

Let’s say I need to promote, and I promote, promote, promote, promote, and I get more sales. Now, the condition, the situation, has now changed! If I were to continue to do the same actions, while the situation changed, I will get “down” statistics back again.

It is like, let’s say, if I make $1,000 per month and that’s my income, and I do certain actions, and I work very hard, and I move from $1,000 to $10,000 per month. Big change! If I continue to behave and continue to act like a person who makes $1,000 per month, guess what? I will crash.

It’s a very, very interesting observation. You need to learn the six ways that the statistic can behave. You need to learn what the exact formulas are that you need to undertake. You need to recognize that those statistics have changed and you need to understand that you need to change your actions.

What to measure, what to do once the statistic changes, what are those six ways that the statistic can behave… This is life-saving information. This is life-saving information. If you want to succeed, you need to understand how to manage by statistics and not by opinions.

Meir Ezra: Always Be Caring Sales Seminar

Meir Ezra Always Be Caring Sales Seminar

You may have heard of ABC = Always Be Closing. Well truth is, ABC, to be really effective, stands for Always Be Caring.

Caring is the basic building block of any sale. Some people don’t fully understand this, and you may be one of those people. But make no mistake, this misunderstanding is the reason you’ve failed to close every single time – C = Caring.

The ABC Sales Seminar will show you how to help people help themselves with your product and by that, get you to a point where you can close any person on any idea.

Your ability to sell is your most powerful commodity. This seminar will teach you how to sell in any area of your life.

And this seminar will teach you the exact sales process.

However, while knowing the exact sales process is important, it alone will not actually get you to become successful in sales!


When one has a problem, the source of that problem is always before the problem’s manifestation.

The above law applies to sales in the following way: if you have a problem with a close for example, you can be assured the source of the problem is not the close, but BEFORE… somewhere earlier in the sales process.

The usual issue is that salespeople, even when they know what the sales process is, do not know when a step has been completed or if they should stay on it longer… and so they skip steps or stay too long on a step and so fail to close!

After this seminar you will have an unshakable certainty that you can close anyone on anything – you will not merely understand the sales process, you will KNOW the sales process and so will be able to demonstrate full control over the sales process and the person sitting in front of you.

In this powerful seminar you will learn:

• What is the actual technology of how to evaluate human behavior and by that be able to predict and CONTROL people’s actions and reactions.

• What is actually going on in the prospect’s mind at any moment – and so you will be able to control the buying process.

• How to pull – since sales do not happen by pushing, but by pulling.

• What you need to build is not sales arguments, but buying arguments.

Meir Ezra: About guaranteed prosperity

About guaranteed prosperity by Meir Ezra

Guaranteed Prosperity International (GP) is a Florida based training, coaching, and implementation company that ensures it’s clients succeed. – no IF, THAN or BUTs.

Since business are composed of individuals and at GP we know that success in business is directly related to the ability of the executives to handle the individual’s MINDS and hence our products and services design to handle the individual and as a result the business get handled.

What we teach works and works 100% of the time and hence the name Guaranteed Prosperity – we simply guarantee our clients prosperity.

We ensure the individuals that make up the our client’s companies are in the best possible condition and it includes their health, personal relationships, ethics and everything in between and the results are always – viable, expanding and prosperous companies with increasing money to owners reserves and a very well paid staff.

Guaranteed Prosperity employ host of tools to achieve its mission and the following are some of the training programs we deliver:

• Learning, Money and Ethics

• Perfect Business Model

• Management By Facts

• PR, Survey and Marketing

• Always Be Caring in Sales

• Financial Planning

• And much more

Meir Ezra: Financial Expansion

Meir Ezra - Financial Expansion

While finance is a very important subject, it is a simple subject; and yet most people seem to have a lot of problems with controlling or handling money.

This seminar will teach you the exact technology of controlling your finances – and therefore the result will be financial success.

By learning the rules to viability and prosperity, you will become the cause, and no longer the effect, over your personal and business finances.

Finance has a very exact set of SIMPLE rules that, if followed, you simply can not fail. If you ever failed financially, you violated these rules. And they are so simple!

Learn these rules and follow them and you cannot fail!

Furthermore, this seminar will teach you the truth about wealth; what the most successful entrepreneurs in the world do so as to continually expand; how to be able to buy anything you want; how to control expenditure; how to increase income; how to ensure you and your company never spend more than you make; and how exactly to “make it before you spend it”.

This and much more will be taught in the Financial Expansion seminar.

You need this seminar if:
• You are worried about money.

• You don’t have as much money as you’d like.

• You owe more than you make.

• Money just seems to be something you need to work hard for.

• You lost money and don’t seem to be able to recover.

• And if you have any financial struggle of any kind whatsoever… We will fix it – guaranteed!

Meir Ezra: Perfect Business Model

Perfect Business Model by Meir Ezra

Most owners start their businesses because they were very good or specialized technically on that one thing (being a dentist or accountant or manager, etc. who then opens a dentist office, etc.) – but they never learned the other components to running a company!

And so, sooner or later, they fail – and while they were operational, they earned less than if they would have worked for someone else.

This seminar will give you the blueprint for your business – no matter the business, no matter the size! It will teach you how to create the PERFECT BUSINESS MODEL for YOUR business.

With this model, you will build and run your business correctly and get the expected results while expanding.

This seminar will teach you:

• How to build such a model for YOUR business and YOUR life (yes, you need one for your life too).

• How to turn your staff into the ultimate producers.

• How to hire and avoid common hiring mistakes.

• What everyone in your company needs to know in order to bring results – it is not your purpose or some airy fairy thing.

• How you should spend money so as to ensure you have money at the end of the day.

• How to correct the organization and the products or services it provides.

• What is the different between new and existing clients (it is not what you think – I can guarantee that).

• What is the difference between a strategy, tactical plan, operational plan and tasks.

• And so much more…