Meir Ezra: Building confidence

Meir Ezra - Building confidence

The reason people have trouble determining who or what they should BE is because they don’t start with HAVE.

Example: A young man likes to cook and make people happy. He may decide the product (HAVE) he wants to produce is: “Properly fed, happy people who pay a lot of money for the dining experience at my successful restaurant.”

Based on this decision, he works out his career by listing the steps (DO) which include enrolling in a cooking school, working at several restaurants for the experience, saving money, and so on. His planning is accurate and efficient. The young man then works out the best identity for the job (BE). He needs to BE a successful restaurateur: proud, charming, service-oriented, smart and wealthy.

To put his plan into action, this young man starts the cycle with BE and assumes this identity as the first step. He strolls around BEING a successful restaurateur from day one. He’s proud, charming and service-oriented. He even feels wealthy.

He can then easily DO the steps needed to get what he wants to HAVE: a successful restaurant with happy customers. He accomplishes this much faster and more easily than a person who cannot BE a successful restaurateur until he owns the restaurant.

If you want success and wealth, BE wealthy or successful before you get there. It’s fun!

Assume a wealthy identity. Test drive a big new Mercedes. Stroll through a $10-million building as if you own it. People will want to be around you. Bankers will try to lend you money. You’ll feel great!


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