Meir Ezra – Business program

Business program - Meir Ezra

Meir Ezra’s latest business program, Guaranteed Prosperity, is helping clients and customers reach record results in record time. One of these clients from a retail company has reported major successes in a single day, doubling the amount of revenue and increasing productivity for her business ten-fold through the help of Guaranteed Prosperity and the compliment of their various life-changing seminars. Thanks to Meir Ezra’s mentoring, as she recently reported she has been able to take charge of his business role and extend his success into all areas of her life.

This is only one example of the mission Meir Ezra’s Guaranteed Prosperity has set to do: mentor companies as they quickly reach their full potential, breaking stereotypes and creating an honest, productive environment conducive to successful entrepreneurship. While working with clients, Meir Ezra assures them in a straightforward and enthusiastic manner with his holistic approach that addresses different strategies on themes like entrepreneurship, public relations, promotions, and cash flow.

What Meir Ezra has achieved in his life —from serving in the Israeli Defense Forces to creating multiple companies on different corners of the world— is what he aims to portray through Guaranteed Prosperity and each of his complimentary seminars. With three children and a beautiful wife, this is the legacy of his success: one where success is interactive, working for the future.


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